Well, it’s bound to happen with a winter baby, but seeing my poor little Potamus with goobery boogers streaming out of his nose and the saddest little cough just breaks my heart. I’ve begun using the affectionate nickname Snotamus, because who knew such a tiny being could produce such a crazy amount of mucous? He’s such a fighter, though. The sickness hit grandma first about 2 weeks ago, and then Boof got it full force, and now Potamus and I are fighting it ourselves, with what appears to be a milder case for me, but since Potamus can’t talk I am not sure exactly how he feels. Though today he had some sweet alert times where he almost seemed happy…and then that sad little barky cough was back.

The good news in all of this, though, is my topic of conversation has moved from poop to snot, which is refreshing in all of its newness. I invested in the coolest snot sucking device, a nosefrida, since those Damn squeezy bulbs do diddlysquat in getting rid if any boogers (i found a bobby pin gently scraping them out to be much more effective before I got the snot sucker). Similar to the sheer satisfaction of popping a ripe zit as a teenager, is the feeling of sucking the infected snot out of his tiny little nostrils and into the tube. If you have babies, I would highly recommend this little nifty device!

So we are resting, sucking snot, and cuddling a lot and hoping this bug passes quickly!

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