Oreos, goldfish crackers and suicidal thoughts

I am not in a good place. The past few days have been filled with little sleep and lots of coughing/hacking/wheezing. This cruddy cold has really taken a toll on me. Last night I slept from 8-10 and then was up until 3:30 AM coughing/throwing up mucous and contemplating death. There’s nothing scarier than being so full of pain from sickness that I begin to think of ways out of LIFE. It is irrational, and in the light of day the anger/fear/complete exhaustion with the current situation, is gone…but those hours that I laid in bed, coughing and thinking of all the ways I could off myself is scary. I know that Boof was lying right next to me, and I believe I would have woken him up if I had gone beyond thinking to action (like trying to take a bunch of sleeping pills), so I believe I was safe, but it is scary the depths of my mind.

I think I should refrain from watching news shows (such as the story of Mindy McCready’s suicide yesterday) before I go to bed. I think the emotions of news stories crawl inside me and get mixed up with my own feelings. I am worried that my sickness is going to be bronchitis because of my asthma, and am hopeful that I won’t have to begin using inhalers again. yogic breathing has controlled it for over 7 years, but this feels so crappy that I would welcome the shaky albuterol feeling.

Part of my exhaustion is due to a lack of nutrition in the past few days. Being sick has decreased my appetite for anything other than goldfish crackers and oreos. Which basically sums up the past week of eating, even before I was sick. Something happened in my quest toward dairy-free and veganish eating., and I can’t quite explain what. But my momentum toward trying new foods and packing healthy salad lunches with Israeli couscous and garbanzo beans and olives, went back to my old habits of simply eating snacks all day and letting my blood sugar get so low it crashes and I get crabby and can’t think through a simple task like picking something for dinner.

While I’ve maintained my mostly-dairy free diet, it isn’t with enthusiasm or even mindful awareness. And the choices of dairy or nothing has tended toward nothing, which has left me zombie-like. I can’t seem to regulate my emotions and begin to re-pick healthy choices that will leave me full of energy. What I’ve mostly eaten is oreos (vegan) and goldfish crackers (not). It is this strange metaphor of my life boiled down into two little snacks. I also realize that I make these choices as if I were 5 years old, and can’t seem to figure out how to make adult eating choices, let alone figure out what the hell to feed my child beyond tortellini with red sauce.


Well, it’s bound to happen with a winter baby, but seeing my poor little Potamus with goobery boogers streaming out of his nose and the saddest little cough just breaks my heart. I’ve begun using the affectionate nickname Snotamus, because who knew such a tiny being could produce such a crazy amount of mucous? He’s such a fighter, though. The sickness hit grandma first about 2 weeks ago, and then Boof got it full force, and now Potamus and I are fighting it ourselves, with what appears to be a milder case for me, but since Potamus can’t talk I am not sure exactly how he feels. Though today he had some sweet alert times where he almost seemed happy…and then that sad little barky cough was back.

The good news in all of this, though, is my topic of conversation has moved from poop to snot, which is refreshing in all of its newness. I invested in the coolest snot sucking device, a nosefrida, since those Damn squeezy bulbs do diddlysquat in getting rid if any boogers (i found a bobby pin gently scraping them out to be much more effective before I got the snot sucker). Similar to the sheer satisfaction of popping a ripe zit as a teenager, is the feeling of sucking the infected snot out of his tiny little nostrils and into the tube. If you have babies, I would highly recommend this little nifty device!

So we are resting, sucking snot, and cuddling a lot and hoping this bug passes quickly!