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“Be kinder than necessary, everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” -unknown


Monk-Monk and Boof are first time parents to Potamus, born December 20, 2011 (our 3rd wedding anniversary).

Boof has just recently transitioned from stay-at-home dad to tax-accountant. He’s adjusting quite nicely to the business suit + daily commute!

Monk-Monk, a former crisis-counselor is now employed as a college instructor and advisor for students 16-20 who have dropped out of high school and are pursuing their AA at a local community college.

They reside in a sweet little house in the Pacific Northwest with their rambunctious 20lb dog Scrummy, who looks suspiciously like an Ewok.


  1. I need to give you a BIG GIANT thank you!!! You told me to put my DIY swing on pinterestfail so I did. They picked it up and ran it which brought me dozens of new followers and thousands of hits. Then, because they ran it Babycenter.com has picked it up and is running it soon. All because of you! I owe you a big one!!!

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