It takes a village

I had so much fun this weekend with my sister-in-law, her fiance, and his parents all visiting from Georgia. It is moments like these that I realize how TRUE the “it takes a village” statement is in relation to how I want to raise Potamus. There were 10-14 of us all hanging out together, visiting local sites, eating yummy meals, and Boof and I did not have to parent alone. When Potamus was smiley he had an audience. When he was fussy he had several aunties and grandmas who wanted to hold him to try their technique at getting him to calm down. There were funny voices (okay, funny accents since they were from the South), and falling asleep in auntie’s arms, and the best part…poopy diaper duty fell on more than us 🙂

At the end of the day he is still my son. There were momens where only I was able to calm him down. He tried nuzzling in one of his auntie’s bosoms and it only frustrated him more. There were moments where the overwhelm of all the people and lights and noises from the various restuarants could only be tempered by my arms, as we walked and rocked slowly in quiet hallways. While our sleep schedule has been severely interupted by this weekend, we spent slow snuggly mornings together, nursing and napping in bed.

I feel refreshed. Tired, but refreshed. Having so many loving people around to hold, and snuggle, and bounce and tickle Potamus relieved me from having to feel the need to be super mom 24/7. And for that, I am grateful!