Yoga prepared me to DANCE!

Boof and I snuck away from parenting duties to attend a wedding on Saturday. My parents were in town and Potamus was happily ignoring us for the novelty of grammy & grampy time. I got dolled up and away we went. While it was an old acquaentence, in a girl who grew up next to Boof, the wedding was far from awkward. Because how could a wedding be awkward when the reception is a pizza buffet? And the bride put the ring on the groom’s wrong hand, and then dropped the ring down under the stage and the Man of Honor had to crawl around in his suit to find it?

There was so much laughter and love in the room that I could hardly stand it. And when the music got underway, so did the music videos, and boy lemme tell you, there is nothing better than dancing right alongside vintage Whitney Houston music videos. Or any music videos from the early 90’s. By 9:30 I was dancing so hard that my neck was dripping with sweat (an attractive look I tell you), and I had convinced my in-laws to stay for an extra 5 songs (because how could you leave during Love Shack? Or Britney Spears? Seriously people!). I guess I was dancing so hard that the father of the bride dubbed me his “favorite reception” guest ever. Which is a high compliment from a man in his 60’s, wearing boat shoes, with unbuttoned top buttons of his dress shirt and 70’s pornstart hair. Seriously. This wedding was the shit!

But I realized, at about 60 minutes into the dance fest that my heart was beating fast, and I was enjoying myself and had no desire to stop. And at 90 minutes, when we were leaving because of kiddo-at-home, but I could have kept dancing for another hour, I realized: I am in shape.

90 minutes of bikram/hot yoga two-three times a week has somehow made me in shape enough to dance for an hour and a half straight. To  Love Shack people, it’s not like I was slow dancing to “My Heart Will Go On.” I have never been this in shape for dancing. I have always gotten tired 2-3 songs in and taken a break. I have never done so many fist pumps or jumping moves in my life. And I walked away from the experience both sore and happy to be alive. Who knew that yoga would get me all pumped up for wedding receptions!

You think I could convince Boof to go clubbing now? 😉

when my hair still looked good and not like a sweaty aerobics instructor

Always a bridesmaid, never a…

Beer Bouquet

…well, we all know that phrase doesn’t really apply to me, since I’m clearly married. But seriously, the amount of weddings I’ve been in the past two years is ridonkulous. But, this weekend I got to see my junior high/high school/college friend Marie get hitched in “Seattle” (okay, out in the toolies of Snohomish), and it was SO MUCH FUN. Granted, I am walking like a zombie since Potamus is sick and I’ve been working on three-ish hours of sleep for almost a week. I’m also stuffed up and not sleeping well, thanks to some killer hydrangea and cottonwood allergies. Yay!

College Buddies

Central throws team

What is fun about college friendships is getting to reunite at weddings. Two of her bridesmaids and I were on the same track team in college. While I wasn’t super close to these girls in college, we were acquantences, and had A BLAST getting caught up and doing totally stupid college things, like pretending to be cheerleaders (hilarious since we threw shotputs and were not in the slightest bit girly in athletics).

trying our best to be cheerleaders, this is as far as we got

trying our best to be cheerleaders, this is as far as we got

Marie's angels

Marie’s angels

Look, over yonder, a great bridesmaid photo op!

Look, over yonder, a great bridesmaid photo op!

The wedding had to be moved indoors because of threat of rain, so after the ceremony we took some sweet pictures outside. Marie was less than thrilled about my suggestion to climb into the waterfall for pictures, so we had to wait until she was firmly out of site to take our moment…




we throw shotputs. we are amazons.

we throw shotputs. we are amazons.



While stressful at moments, everything went of pretty much without a hitch. Things got delayed here and there, and sometimes tensions were high, but I loved that the bridesmaids all bonded together. Weddings are funny, they’re kinda like summer camp when you bond with people and you become fast friends and then you basically never see them again. Ha!






It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so happy that my friend is married. Her sweetheart is quite a guy and they are perfect for each other. I love it when couples complement each other so well!


I was worried about leaving Potamus for such a long time (we didn’t get home until after 11), but he did just fine with grandma and grandpa. He actually slept better there than over here, which is annoying! So it was nice that Boof and I got to cut a rug on the dance floor sans baby. All in all, exhausting, I am sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore (too much jumping, dancing, climbing over waterfalls), so I’m happy that it’s a short work week!

It takes a village

I had so much fun this weekend with my sister-in-law, her fiance, and his parents all visiting from Georgia. It is moments like these that I realize how TRUE the “it takes a village” statement is in relation to how I want to raise Potamus. There were 10-14 of us all hanging out together, visiting local sites, eating yummy meals, and Boof and I did not have to parent alone. When Potamus was smiley he had an audience. When he was fussy he had several aunties and grandmas who wanted to hold him to try their technique at getting him to calm down. There were funny voices (okay, funny accents since they were from the South), and falling asleep in auntie’s arms, and the best part…poopy diaper duty fell on more than us 🙂

At the end of the day he is still my son. There were momens where only I was able to calm him down. He tried nuzzling in one of his auntie’s bosoms and it only frustrated him more. There were moments where the overwhelm of all the people and lights and noises from the various restuarants could only be tempered by my arms, as we walked and rocked slowly in quiet hallways. While our sleep schedule has been severely interupted by this weekend, we spent slow snuggly mornings together, nursing and napping in bed.

I feel refreshed. Tired, but refreshed. Having so many loving people around to hold, and snuggle, and bounce and tickle Potamus relieved me from having to feel the need to be super mom 24/7. And for that, I am grateful!