Heat wave hits Seattle: We hit the zoo


playing in the boat at the penguin exhibit

Potamus has been avoiding naps like they’re poison, so instead of laying in bed trying AGAIN and AGAIN to nurse him to sleep, we hit the zoo and I figured that a nap would happen if it needed to happen. Plus, it’s the first summer heat wave day, and I figured it would be fun to get out and get some sun!


Now that Potamus can walk…er…run…the zoo is much more fun! He kept up with me for the first hour, and then got whiny so I pushed him in the stroller. He loved the penguins, of course, but was also really enthralled with things like…sewer drains. Ha!


the elusive sewer monster lives here. it’s a little known park attraction.


look mama, a penguin!

Yesterday Potamus had his 18 month checkup, and he took the shots like a champ. Turns out he’s a little over 25lbs, and is almost 32 inches long. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up! But…I wish he’d take a freaking nap 🙂

Our Little Adventurer

The Seattle weather has been sunny lately, and Potamus has been in an adventurous spirit. The other day, while Scrummy was in the backyard peeing & barking at imaginary intruders, Potamus stealthily went to the back door, slid it open a little bit more, and he was off…tentative at first, and soon he was crawling his little barefooted heiney toward the yard. I had to put the kabosh on all things outdoorsy because it was cold, he was barefoot and not wearing a coat, and had started to whine because of it. But this new adventure is exciting, it means he’s going to want to get outside and PLAY soon and hopefully spring is coming and maybe he’ll be walking and we can go to the park and explore our backyard and all sorts of fun things!

I’m glad he has his cell-phone, in case he needs to call me while he’s out.

And he's off!


Halloween Turtleneck


Ah yes, another rainy Halloween is going to be on the books for the great folks of Seattle. Tonight we will trick-or-treat all over the drizzly city, dodging puddles and collecting candy in pillowcases or banned plastic grocery bags. But one thing you will see a lot of: the Halloween Turtleneck.Even more pervasive than Steve Jobs’ daily staple, is the Halloween Turtleneck. It really should come standard with any costume sold in the greater Pacific Northwest. Not only is this Halloween Turtleneck fashionable (although I’m doubting they will come out with a ‘sexy turtleneck’ costume by next year), it is also extremely practical. Want to wear a costume but don’t want to have it covered by a North Face jacket, or worse, a plastic rain poncho? Turtleneck.

Even now, as an adult, I can’t begin to imagine deciding on a Halloween costume that coulnd’t be accessorized with the traditional turtleneck to make it warmer.  I wish I had pictures of all my costumes as a kid, but thinking back, I cannot recollect even one outfit that wasn’t accesorized with the Halloween Turtleneck. It was much better than always going as Paddington Bear, in his yellow rain slicker.