Summertime Sickness


Potamus and Boof snuggling while mama is at yoga.


When I picked Potamus up from daycare this week I peaked my head in and say him playing, and then laying his head down on the table. I went in the room and the teacher (a substitute) said that he had seemed tired that day, and took a good nap. He felt warm when I put him in the car, but I chalked it up to arriving at daycare right when they come in from outside play. And it’s been HOT here, so I wasn’t worried until I got him home. While changing his diaper I checked his temp at it was 102 degrees! Holy moly!

Potamus used to take ibuprofen like a champ, but once Boof bought the wrong flavor, he’s been side eyeing our medicine attempts and we haven’t pushed it. The teeth are coming through slowly, but I didn’t want to traumatize the poor kid. But when his temperature rose another degree in an hour we got pretty desperate. We are now alternating between sticking the meds in his yogurt or simply shoving it down his throat keg-stand style. It’s not pretty. My peaceful parenting of wanting to not force an agenda on a kid is thrown out the window. The temperature spiked as close to 104 as it could, and then it slowly wore down with the medicine.

The next morning he was happy as a clam (which is the dumbest metaphor ever. who has ever seen a happy clam? really?). It wasn’t again until 2:30 in the afternoon when I took his temp: 102. By 4 it was back up to 103.6 and I figured we’d have a repeat of the night before. Our lovely pediatrician called us right back and said that from the sounds of it he has a pretty common summertime virus.

Um, excuse me? Summertime virus? As in, sick-season is now going to last ALL YEAR? Seriously? UGH.

We’re on day 3 and the next thing to watch out for is the end of the sickness that can break out in a full body rash. Lovely. He’s been snugglier than ever, but I’m not necessarily excited about that 104 degree body butting up against me in an already hot bedroom. 😛

Summertime sickness? Who’s heard of it? Who’s had it? How do you cope?