A New Level of Crazy…


It was freaking gorgeous in Seattle on Saturday. I’m talking almost barefoot weather, with sun shining and I think I saw a unicorn out for a stroll when I was walking with Boof. It was one of those days where I felt the itch to run, which is still surprising to me! I sacrificed alone time running for a family walk, which was healing on so many levels. Potamus enjoyed the first 2.25 miles of the walk and only got crabby the last half-lap home, which forced me to do funny tricks like running backward with Scrummy and making faces while Boof pushed the jogging stroller. I figured the good-times-running-feeling would last until Sunday morning, so I held off until the morning.

After laundry and putting Potamus down for a nap, I told Boof I’d take off on a run. Solo. Without Scrummy dragging me down. Excited about this desire, I set out…into the Seattle sunshine. Which, in case you don’t know, is…rain.


The magical unicorn-sunshine of the day before had deteriorated to rain, but fortunately it was sprinkling. I decided to run at least a mile, which doesn’t take too long, but ended up actually running for 28 minutes. But this time I ran without a timer. I wasn’t looking at how long I had been gone for, I just put the podcast on and headed out, in the rain, to get a little exercise. I even ventured out of my normal route and tried something new, which felt exhilerating. And while I was tired, and dragging toward the end of the almost-2 miles, it felt nice to run just to run instead of running for training or running for time. I passed daffodils and crocuses and a new level of crazy in this whole running time of my life.