Keeping toddlers busy- Pinterest inspired


Okay, we’ve all seen the many keeping-toddler-busy ideas over on pinterest, ammiright? Well, when I was perusing the Dollar Tree a week ago, I decided to pick up a pack of pipe cleaners. Figuring that Potamus has been enjoying puttingĀ  straws back into cups, that he’d enjoy this pipe cleaner game that I found on pinterest. The basic idea is that the kid will stick pipe cleaners into a colandar and that it’ll keep the kiddo happy for long enough for mom to make dinner, or something.

But Potamus wasn’t interested in the pipe-cleaner-colandar game when we tried it at the in-laws’s house. He mostly liked bundling all the fuzzy sticks together and carrying them around the house, dropping them like Hansel & Gretal. Or making me hold them all. That was great fun, too.

At home, though, while he was sitting next to his tiny chair (a Value Village find for $2!) I had the brilliant idea of seeing if he’d like putting them through the holes on the back of the chair. Sheer heaven, for a good 5 minutes people! And that’s what parenting is about…5 minutes of peace and quiet from busybody toddlers, ammiright?

What fun projects have you done from Pinterest? Anything turn out well? Anything turn out horrible (why yes, I am much more interested in THOSE stories…)