Offbeat Lovin’!

I can’t believe it ya’ll, I’ve been on Offbeat Families TWICE in one week! I love their community, because it really feels like I’m able to learn about other people’s lives and get support in my own!


So, you want to start with seeing Potamus having a lovely conversation with his Uncle Tio, check out: Reader photo time: future world leaders, ninjas and hair stylists.

And, remember that King Midas post I wrote awhile back, about the struggle with weaning? Well, a version of it hit the Offbeat site today entitled: I knew breastfeeding might be hard, but didn’t know weaning would feel impossible, so if you care to get in on the weaning discussion, head on over there and check it out!

Much love to you fellow bloggies!



My 14 week old funny guy


My baby is 14 weeks old…though I am still trying to decide whether I am going to say his age in weeks or months, so 14 weeks…or 3 months, you decide. And before he outgrew it, we decided to put him in his sassy onesie that his auntie made him. Maybe I should caption this as: breastfeeding is for badass babies? 🙂