A sigh of relief and a little celebration

This summer, while I was struggling with being a stay at home mom, I wrote about the frustration of having a boyfriend-then-husband who has had several different careers. As we approach our fifth wedding anniversary (and 7.5 years of being together), he has had exactly three different careers. Recently my article, entitled I Think I’ve Had Three Husbands: Navigating Spousal Career Change, was featured over on Offbeat Home. And while I was in a really raw place at the time I wrote it, I look back and see how in just a few months everything can just feel so different.

I’m writing this before the next busy season, so I can remind myself of the little partnering sweet spot we’re in. Because, with the Mariner job over, football officiating over, we are currently parenting together many more nights a week. And today we got the great news that Boof passed the fourth, and final, part of the CPA exam. I couldn’t be more proud. While it wasn’t necessary to keep his job, for me it feels like he’s passed another really major hurdle. First he got into the program, after a traumatic exit from the world of teaching, and went to his old fallback plan of the world of business or accounting. He was accepted to a ten week certificate program with a great reputation and spent the summer going to classes. Our son was six months old. I was crisis counseling. And then, miraculously, after courting a bunch of big accounting firms that all fell through, he landed a great busy season internship that panned out to his job now. But there’s something so victorious about passing all of his exams on the first try. It feels like I can breathe a sigh of relief, that this career is going to last, for awhile at least, and we can get into a yearly rhythm rather than just a daily survival dog-paddle. 

So tonight I took Boof out to happy hour to celebrate. We toted Potamus along, to our favorite local brewery, and had a beer and some yummy food to celebrate his success. It doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing from now on, but it feels like we are in a really good place and I’m breathing a smallish sigh of relief. 

Wedding Festivities

When we weren’t dodging religous or political conversations, this weekend was full of many happy memories as we celebrated Boof’s sister’s marriage. She and her husband met in law school and have been together for over 5 years, so he already felt like a part of the family! They got married in the church she grew up in, and the reception was held at the Columbia Tower! Since the groom was from Georgia, she wanted to give his family and friends an experience of Seattle, complete with views of Mt. Rainier, the sound, AND the city! Nowhere does this better than the Columbia Tower! And my parents had a great time taking care of Potamus! All in all, an exhausting, but great weekend!
Riding The Ducks (tour of Seattle) pre-wedding festivities:

The grandparents (aka awesome babysitters):

Bridesmaids (and my other sister-in-law)

The happy couple:

A view of the city:

Sleeping Baby:

Late Night Ridiculousness: