I Learned that in Mommy School


We’ve spent a lot of time at the park this weekend, trying to burn of some of Potamus’ energy, and today we had the pleasure of meeting up with Mari and her two kids to enjoy the sunny Seattle weather! As Potamus was running around, playing with his patriotic balloon, sliding down the slide, and climbing on anything he could find, he managed to get a nasty scrape on his leg. He was running helter skelter, balllon flying behind him, and he tripped on his too-big converse sneakers. The pavement was bumpy, and he skinned up his knee pretty badly. A few mama kisses set him right, for the moment, and he went back to play.

A few hours later, in the car, he noticed the skinned knee again and started crying. I told him that when we got home I would do work some mama magic to make his knee feel better. And I did. With my mama magic kit that I learned in mama training school: band-aids, neosporin, kisses.

He was thrilled with the process I used. He sat on the counter patiently while I washed my hands, and washed his knee, and dabbed a little neosporin on the wound. And then I showed him the bandaid, and we put it on, and he was thrilled beyond measure. He ran out to Boof, shouting “band aid” in his toddler babble, and I wish that I had a cool spiderman bandaid to put on, but he was pleased with the regular old one nonetheless. It’s one of those motherhood rites of passage, and I somehow managed a tenderness I don’t often feel.