Writer? Blogger?

So, for the longest time, writer was a part of my identity. I would describe myself as a writer, mostly a journal, I guess, but for awhile now I have felt that is…less than accurate. I am not sure how long one has to go without physically pen-paper writing for the identity as writer to change, but with the exception of a free writing nights in the past few months, its sorta been years since I even faithfully journalled.

Blogger, perhaps, fits me better (lord knows I’ve started about a dozen in the last 5 years,) but the writing in blog form is SO different for me. The typing vs. Handwriting, way of constructing a blog just feels different emotionally.

I’m not sure why this whole idea is swirling around my head, except there was this zenpen writing prompt recently about what type of fruit I would be if I had to describe myself. The prompt went on, and while it only asks for 10 minutes of exploratory writing, I have done 0 minutes AND hours of thinking.

So maybe I am not even a writer or a Blogger, but more of a thinker. I wonder why I keep mulling the prompt over in my head, as if my heart is afraid of what it might mean to put pen-paper about it.