Versatile Blogger


Me? Little old me? A versatile blogger? Well, yes, according to the lovely Charlotte Porter over at Momaste Blog. She’s pretty awesome, so head on over and check her out!

Hopefully I’m more Adele and less Taylor Swift in my acceptance speech, so here it goes:

7 “Fun” Facts about Me:

1) In my mid-20’s I legally changed my name to a shortened nickname of my adoptive name (note, not Monk-Monk). I got rid of my middle name, which sucked, and made my maiden name my middle name.

2)  I am 6’1. I have been this tall since I was 12. Needless to say, it made dating rough in middle school.

3) I am a college instructor in a program for 16-20 year old high school dropouts who are trying to receive their AA.

4) At one point I could identify 42 wildflowers native to the Cascade Mountains.

5) I have been wearing earplugs to sleep since college. Once, Boof bought me a box of 1,000 earplugs because Scrummy, the dog, kept eating them.

6) I used to want to be a National Park ranger, but then I learned they had to carry guns and I wasn’t so down with that. But leading a nature walk, that’d be cool!

7) I feel the most comfortable sipping a cappuccino in a small, independent, coffee shop.

And now, to the fun part!

I get to nominate 7 other lovely bloggers for this award. All they have to do, to accept, is list 7 fun facts about themselves and pay it forward to 7 other bloggers!

1.  Keeping it Real Mom: I’m a big fan of keeping it real, and Anka does just that…tells it like it is!

2. Faded Seaside Mama: I’m a sucker for pictures of cuties, and this Mama has two in her daughters Bunny and Bear!

3. Faking Picture Perfect: Well yeah, the title totally sums up life as a family, right?! Meredith has a way of making me laugh and feel not-so-alone in my crazy life as a mom!

4. Know All’s Box: Yeah, I’m partial to the combination of photos AND India, and I love looking at the diversity of pictures that he puts on the blog!

5. The Laotian Commotion: Theek is amazing and as a local girl I admire her peaceful parenting, tandem nursing, and ability to make a meme go viral. Seriously.

6. Insert Bad Movie Title Here: This girl is my homegirl. I’ve known her in another online capacity for awhile and always love what she has to write about, especially since she’s giving voice to the adoptee experience!

7. Excitement on the Side:. I love Kelly’s tell-it-like-it-is writing style and her passion for fitness AS a mother!

There you have it readers! A little bit about me and who I’ve been reading lately! Hope your Friday is wonderful!