21 Week Side by Side

21 side by side

So much about this pregnancy has been completely different than the last go-round. Perhaps it’s age, or perhaps it’s because I’m carrying a distinctly unique human being in my belly region. How silly of me to think that I would get the two children mixed up. How silly of me to think I needed a girl to draw the distinction. How silly of me to think that I would never compare the two.

I’ve felt the movements from week 16, which is much earlier than with Potamus. I hear that second babies are like that. He flips, and twirls, especially at night when I’m trying to get some shuteye. And now I can feel him during the day. When I’m standing in front of my class I feel the little swimmer bouncing off the walls, and I smile. This little fish is my constant companion, and a little light in an otherwise hard season of life.

Cheers to halfway through. Cheers to my last pregnancy. Gonna try and soak every minute up. Even the achy hips and constant peeing. Because I know this is it. The final lap.


    • Hi Brittany! I didn’t feel movement until about 20ish weeks (if my memory serves me correctly). So right about when I took this first picture I could feel him move. It was more like a thwack or a thump on my belly (from the inside). This one I’ve felt the swimming around (sorta like the Loch Ness Monster). I can tell that this one is down lower than my last, so I feel it more right around my bladder. Fun times!

      You will feel him/her when the time is right! I think everyone does by around 21-22 weeks, even with anterior placentas.

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