Blow the Whistle


This week I went above my supervisor’s head to the dean in charge of our department. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve decided that I need to stand up for what’s right instead of continually trying to benefit from a system that is contributing to the demoralizing work environment for staff and the academic hoops for students. I am fed up with the inequity and decided that despite all I have to lose, I wasn’t going to stay silent.

I didn’t go into the meeting with it wanting to be a bitch or narc session, and I certainly don’t want to contribute to a culture of fear in the office, but I am tired of hearing directly from co-workers things like, “I don’t actually like teaching,” and “I don’t answer the phone, I let it go to voicemail and don’t call them back.” We’re in the business of social service, and if you don’t like teaching stop teaching for fuck’s sake. The decision to keep creating classes to make money is self-serving and disastrous for students when they can tell you don’t like what you’re doing. And I’m not saying I never have a bad day, because certainly that isn’t the case.

So I laid out some of my concerns, letting her know that I had gone to my supervisor multiple times, and that while I don’t know if anything will happen, I cannot stay silent. I care far too much. And if I get fired for outing the unethical practices in my department then it’s well worth it. I’d rather have my integrity than a paycheck. Some people may not be happy about my decision, but I don’t care. I’m no Erin Brokovich, but I can do my small part to not stay silent when injustice is happening.

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