No Poo? No Problem


Aproximately 100 years ago, The Laotian Commotion wrote about her foray into the no (sham)poo lifestyle and how it had changed her life. I know that some friends of mine had done something similar, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I visited Ruth in Portland that I saw how not washing her curly hair as much had really made a big impact. And I read through The Curl Girl book (even buying my own copy) and for the past few weeks have adopted a very minimal shampoo regimen, from shampooing every day, to maybe once or twice a week at most (and with a tiny tiny dab of shampoo just around the hairline).

Maybe I’m delusional, but holy crap I think my hair is curlier now. I mean, my hair is really wavy that can be coaxed to curl (just like a cat can be coaxed to come to you, for the right price) if I am careful. But I saw a curl, a real one, the boing-boing kind I envied from the Ramona books. Yes, it’s there. And by massaging my scalp in small circles in the shower every day, my hair does NOT feel gross or look greasy. Whoa! I put it up in a bun at night and then the next morning I spray a homemade lavender water spray on my hair to refresh it and voila, curls (okay, okay, waves, but still).


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