Just a Phase

Potamus is in a straw hat phase. It started out as one of those dapper little Easter hats, but the way he pulls it down on his head…paired with sleeping in it every night for the past 2 (going on 3) weeks, it looks more fisherman/cowboy hat than the dapper dude I know him to be. He wakes up in the middle of the night saying “ha(t) ha(t)” and pointing to his head, until we retrieve it from the nightstand or out from under the pillow where he smooshed it in slumber. He gets many compliments on it when we’re out and about, and I look at people with a crazy eye because seriously, the hat has spaghetti sauce on the brim, and I love that he’s asserting his personality, but I wish he’d take it off for a few minutes so I can wash it!





There have been many so-called “phases” in child-rearing that I have enjoyed.  There have also been phases which I have NOT enjoyed, but this is a post about the former.

With my first child, I was not really in tune with the phenomena we parents call “phases.”  As a first-timer at the parent rodeo, I lacked that stuff called perspective, and mistakenly thought certain things would last forever- colic, teething crankiness, gummy smiles, sleep deprivation.  Well, I’m convinced that if you are a parent, sleep deprivation is an eternal phase (thereby not a phase at all), but you get my point. It was just as easy to live in constant dread of things that lasted maybe a few weeks to a couple months, as it was to take for grated other things that were fleeting in the grand scheme of things.

With Jack, we had some favorite phases–  Mister…

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