When Things Don’t Go As Planned

I feel like crying. I’m not sure if it’s overwhelm or that I’m finally settling back into life post-solo trip. Yesterday was filled with gallivanting with a friend on a day off, and jumped right back into teaching this morning.

And then everything fell apart.

The MLK presentation that I was asked to bring my students to, an hour into class, was running late and so I decided to just let them go because what kid wants to sit around in a college cafeteria waiting around when they go off and do other things? And we were the only ones who showed up, and it just felt like an epic FAIL of an instructor, because I trusted the presenters to be on schedule and didn’t sacrifice all the valuable teaching time that I lost today…not to mention losing some credibility in the eyes of my students.


And then the tantrums.

Potamus is clearly not feeling well, and still can’t communicate verbally what he needs, and so he cries because he can’t communicate what he wants, and he cries when I say ‘no’ that I won’t spend $27 on the cars boots, or let him only eat chocolate pretzels for dinner.

I want to drown in some tears, but I’m so tired that tears don’t come.