Another Milestone Gone



Potamus has been showing A LOT of interest in potty training. The other day I showed up to school to pick him up, and I found him reading at the table. His teacher was SO EXCITED to show me the book he picked “all by himself,” which happened to be a Berenstein Bear story about potty training. Whoa. Since Boof didn’t potty train until 3, I figured I had awhile before we’d be starting that adventure, but apparently not so much!

Yesterday afternoon, after we got home from school, I noticed that he was assuming ‘the position’ over by our side table, and I calmly picked him up (he had much protesting, as I had clearly interupted him getting comfortable), and set him on his training potty. I turned my back to give him privacy, and BOOM there he is, pooping in his potty. When I gave him a loving congratulations he looked SO FREAKING PROUD, which is just like a dude, right?

I love photography, and documenting milestones, but this one I couldn’t. Not because I couldn’t, but because our dickweasel dog ate the poop straight out of the training potty. BARF! I guess that example highlights the insanity that happens in our life!


What cool things are your kids up to these days?