Snow Boot Determination

Snow Boots


It’s been unseasonably sunny here in Seattle, and we’ve been taking full advantage of it by going for walks around our neighborhood. And by walks, I mean, I’m walking and Potamus is stomping and running and squeeling ahead of me in a typical 2 year-old fashion. He’s obsessed with the Value Village snow boots that are at least one size too big, but doesn’t let the clomping deter him as he speeds ahead of me down the road. Thankfully our neighborhood is mostly quiet so the fear of cars is minimal and his opportunity to express his freedom is high. Like how I kept walking even though he turned down a dead end, and his little impish wave ‘bye bye’ as he blew me a kiss and pretended to get too far away from me to be caught. Of course he knew it was all a game and came speeding back to me in no time, laughing all the while.

I’m really enjoying this stage.

He isn’t quite talking yet, though he does say two-three word stunted sentences mixed with lots of grunting and pointing. He has his own caveman language, and often calls me “da” though he also knows me as ‘maa maa,’ so I’m not sure what’s up with that. His favorite phrase is “le go!” which is “let’s go!” and modeled after hours of watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates…of which, is taking over our life. Last night he went to bed clutching the second hand purchase of the pirate ship featured in the show. And his Jake and Cubby and Izzy figurines go with him everywhere. Clearly it was the best $7 purchase of the whole Christmas vacation.

in case you didn't believe me that this pirate ship goes EVERYWHERE with him...poopy diaper time!

in case you didn’t believe me that this pirate ship goes EVERYWHERE with him…poopy diaper time!

Anything cute or annoying that your kiddo is up to lately?


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