Drink Rainier to Ring in the New Year



Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2014! Our New Year’s Eve was pretty epic, if you count 5 adults and 3 kids hanging out in our living room watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates epic…which I do. Mostly because I hate staying up until 10pm, so the fact that I made it until 12:30, eating pizza and sipping on our classy cans of Rainier and ignoring the screams of my toddler throwing things around the living room, pretty dang epic. I love having friends.

Mari’s kiddos somehow managed to go down to sleep at our house, while Potamus was wired to a ridiculous degree. I laid in our bed with him for a good 30 minutes and whenever he fell asleep and I tried to even begin THINKING of sneaking away he sat bolt upright and started to cry. I guess I can’t blame him, I mean, who wants to miss out on NYE with cool adults? Certainly not me. And so, like the good mom I am, I just let him stay up. Which was rewarded with him sleeping in until 10am, so I feel vindicated for my choice.

Cheers to 2014!

One of my besties

table dancing, at 12:30 am, with a toddler. Happy New Year!

table dancing, at 12:30 am, with a toddler. Happy New Year!

I’ll probably end up with a new year’s resolution, but haven’t yet. Do you?


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