MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry)


The day after Christmas we headed out to MOHAI with Boof’s family. It’s an old Naval building on South Lake Union, and it is full of interesting Seattle artifacts and history. Now, normally I am not one to get really interested in museums, they have to be done really well for me to even want to bother taking a look at them. And I was surprised at how neat this museum was! Maybe in a year or two I’ll take Potamus there!


What I really liked was all of the iconic Seattle displays, like the Rainier Brewery sign, and the airplane hanging from the ceiling. While some people like reading all of the little signs, I am much more inclined to get a general overall sense of the history in the Big Picture sense. So I flew through most of the museum in a little over an hour, and could see myself going back to get a more in depth view of all the little interesting tidbits I might have missed the first time.



iconic Seattle sports memorabilia


A place where we were asked “what would make Seattle better?”

My favorite part of the whole museum was an art gallery decorated with pen and ink sketches that had been watercolored over. I thought that this type of art was both beautiful and would make a really amazing mural in someone’s house. Wouldn’t a little painted scene like that look so cool on a kid’s room? Or in a kitchen somewhere? I could have spent an entire hour in that gallery. There was a little section that provided sketchbooks for you to draw a bit of some urban scenery out the windows. I love clever ideas to get patrons involved in the art experience!




Bye bye kingdome!

So, if you’re in Seattle, as a resident or a visitor, and have a few hours to spare, I definitely recommend checking this museum out! Not only will you get a better sense of where the city has come from, you’ll experience it in a visually stunning way!


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