How a Toddler Mom Prepares for the Macklemore Concert!


I’ve been looking forward to this concert for the past year, but like with anything a toddler mom does, getting her butt out the door for an 8pm concert takes some work. The breakdown looks something like this:

6:30am: wake up, feed kid yogurt and watch Jake & the Neverland Pirates
7:30am: leave house
8am: dropkid off at daycare
9:30: yoga
12pm: nap
3pm: coffee
3:30 pm: leave to pick kid up from daycare
4:30 pm: pick kid up from daycare and drop off at grandma’s house
6:30 pm: drink a pitcher of beer with Boof at this super awesome pizza place
7:30 pm: hop on the monorail to Key Arena
8:00 pm: squeeze in one more beer pre-show


It was fucking awesome. The combination of 3 time weekly yoga PLUS weekly Friday night dance parties with Mari and her 2 boys, has left me in good enough shape to dance and sing along to all of my favorite songs…for over two hours. Okay, yeah, I was tired. I’m STILL tired, since we didn’t get home until well after midnight (and of course I didn’t fall asleep until well after 1 am…but was up with Potamus at 6:30 like clockwork).


The concert was the birthday/anniversary kickoff weekend. I’m looking forward to two days in a hotel, sleeping in crisp sheets, and having zero obligations to speak of. What was so lovely about the whole concert experience, was being there for his final concert of this tour. And it’s his home town. And it’s my hometown. And when he sings about The Ave and Dick’s drive in and Dave Niehaus, it’s things that I resonate with. They’re my hometown memories too. Not just speaking to an era or generation, but to this very specific niche of the world. I feel connected in a way that I don’t with other musical artists.


Last night I was just me. A woman enjoying a concert with her man. Dancing. Drinking. Singing. For five hours I didn’t have any obligations but just to be there, in the moment, having a fantastic time. And I did.


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