A Year of Yoga

I splurged made the financially wise choice of using the teacher discount to buy a year of unlimited yoga at my lovely little local bikram yoga studio. At a whopping $760 up front (and that’s with the 20% school teacher discount!) I will actually be saving almost $500 by the end of the year, so it makes a ton of financial sense, though the major year-long commitment seems daunting if I think about it in that large of a chunk of time.

And yet, I’ve been loving it so much. My good friend has actually signed up for the year-long experience, too, and we’ve been managing to go at least twice a week together! Somehow I’ve gotten a fire in my belly about this whole yoga-is-changing-my-life bit, because I’ve managed to get my sister to come to a session, another friend, and now, tomorrow, a co-worker who does Crossfit and runs marathons will be joining me. It’s like quite the little community, and it’s making me happy!

ignore my poor bow form :)

ignore my poor bow form šŸ™‚


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