Drinking the Hater-ade? And Player for Life.


Five minutes before my yoga class I made the mistake of checking the WordPress icon on my phone showing that I had new comments. Always flattered, since my comments range from about 0-3 per blog, I clicked on it. Even more flattered, it was a pingback to a blog and I thought, “oh wow, someone is referencing me, how cool!” And then, as I was strolling in the door of the yoga studio, I clicked on the link referencing my blog and BLAMMO! I had just taken a shot of Hater-ade.


While my initial reaction was “thank God it’s not some child porno using my kiddo’s picture,” the fact that it was an article referencing how terrible working mothers are, was pretty awful. And I screamed internally, and got defensive, and tweeted the link out to my hubby and my “sister wife” and was glad I was entering the hot room, because MAN, I was seething that someone would dare say I shouldn’t have had a kid because I work.

I was really proud that I made it through the class. My anger fueled me, and I didn’t even let the fact that it was a new, male, teacher on the night it was supposed to be my favorite, female, teacher (who always sings at the end of class). Mostly because I couldn’t stop giggling that the teacher had a bunch of tattoos on his 40 year old body…most noticeably the Player For Life in Olde English script across his belly. I mean, really? How can that NOT be funny, unless you think it’s really really sad throwback and maybe, at some point, we should stop being players? Or maybe life IS a game, and he’s on to something wise. At any rate, yoga is feeling fucking fantastic and I was way less annoyed when I left the class.

I write this blog for myself. I know I’m a good mom, and my son is doing really well, and I’m doubtful that the fall of the empire is going to happen because he was in daycare as a toddler. He’s not “being raised by strangers,” and I shouldn’t have aborted him because I wanted to work. My husband isn’t weak because he was a “house husband” in the first year of Potamus’ life, and if I breathe and focus on my life, rather than the inconsequential blogging of an angryish newbie, then I’m better off.

How have YOU handled conflict or negative reactions to your blogs (either online or in real life)?



  1. Wow. There are some idiots out there. I have to say, for the most part, people out in the blogosphere have been very supportive and generous. . . i have had two quasi negative comments– one was from a (much older male) psychologist on my post about hating kindergarten. He had the nerve to say that he was smarter and stronger than my kid and that today’s generation is raising a bunch of pussies (or something along those lines). I sat with it for a long time and then wrote a well-thought, empathetic response to his assholic and ignorant comment. It takes all types, right? Another response was to a post that someone had reposted on Reddit and they said something about how narcissistic I was. Well, duh, aren’t we bloggers all a little self-interested? I actually started writing a post about it, but didn’t post it. I kind of chose to see it more as “my arrival” in blogging, since someone finally posted something negative or mean, lol! I don’t know. Haters gonna’ hate, I guess. I just don’t really “get” why people feel the need to say nasty things. I love you and I love your blog and I think you are an awesome, amazing and thoughtful mom. xo.

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