They combed his hair


The daycare teacher combed my sons hair. It looked so adorable and grown up when I picked him up.

Then I started thinking that I’m a terrible mother. I don’t even own a comb, or if I do I haven’t used it in six months. Should I be combing my son’s hair regularly?

At any rate, I tried to not second guess myself and just snapped this cute pic…

How do you keep yourself from doubting your parenting skills?


  1. LOL! It is funny b/c my daughter barely has any hair, and the hair that she does have is super fine and becomes this frizzy little helmet on her head that I can do nothing with, so I am always feeling like a lame-o for not making some miraculous coif on her scalp. Then I get over it and figure she’ll have the rest of her life to worry about her hair. . .

  2. So funny- I had a similar feeling when my daughter came home from daycare one day with her hair all done up nicely in braids… it’s okay. that’s why it takes a village to raise a child, so that somebody can make sure they get fed and someone else can remember to brush their hair, teeth, etc.

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