The Peculiar Allure of Blog Search Terms

Freshly pressed featured this lovely little piece called: The Peculiar Allure of Blog Search Terms, which is a topic that I’ve been interested in for awhile now. I know that I’m not the first parent to have the “oh shit” moment when looking in our search terms and realizing that people might stumble upon our innocent parenting blogs and find pictures of our children to use for their own sick, twisted pleasure. That thought scares me to death, but then I post pictures anyway, and feel quite torn about it all. I’ve tried to cut back, but…

Because, just this month the search terms that have led people to stumble upon my blog are:

naked toddler 3
halloween turtleneck 2
adoption fog triggers 1
calvin from calvin and hobbes expressions 1
nude image photo swinger father mother teaching how child sex fucking harder 1
boof infection 1
college guy feet 1
pinterest keeping toddlers busy 1
sucking boof 1
joni mitchell both sides now 1
halloween turtleneck for adults 1
weight training that reduces bmi 1
girl who loves to wear rubber 1
gay huge muscular guys fucking scrawny kids 1
thanksgiving birthday invitations 1
montessori floor bed 1
funny christmas cards made by monks 1

Yikes. Too many porn searches for my taste. But what to do about this? I tried to reverse search for my blog using some of these search terms and didn’t ever come across my blog, so I’m confused by how search engine terms work exactly, but I am absolutely terrified that people are searching for NAKED TODDLERS and coming across my innocent child. Will it be enough to eradicate all of the photos of Potamus on this blog? Probably not, but despite my anonymity, I might do a little scrubby dub dub for awhile to keep my anxiety at bay.

So tell me, what’s the craziest search terms that you’ve found on your blog? How do you keep yourself or your family safe from online creepers?