Spiders like Hot Yoga

I was doing my best to not stare too much at the woman in long sleeves and long pants in the yoga hot room. Her hair was in a bound ponytail, held together by a cream ribbon wound all the way and knotted at the bottom. Her eyes held the perfect ‘soft gaze’ which appeared as if she was almost sleeping in some of the standing poses, but her alertness was also noticeable. While just as flexible and calm looking as Mellow, there was a less-than-pretentious air about her that made me stand in awe, rather than in jealousy. She even caught my eye at one point and made the “this is hard and I’m tired face” and I winked at her. It was like this strange guru experience that left me feeling empowered rather than downtrodden the rest of the class.

So while I was busy thinking about this middle aged fairy yoga nymph in front of me, trying to focus on really relaxing into Savasana (in hopes of getting my body to remember that feeling when I went home to sleep), I felt this little tickle on my arm. And it’s not terribly unusual, since I’m in a room heated to 105 degrees and sweat dribbles down my skin constantly. But the tickle tickled some more, and so I broke from the resting corpse pose to wipe away the sweat and then I realized it wasn’t sweat it was a spider.


In the middle of the quietest time of the yoga series, I had a spider crawling on my arm.

How I managed to not freak out, must be attributed to the fact that I was in a yoga studio, because if a spider would crawl on me at any other time, I wold have probably screamed. And killed it. But I’m in a place that values ahimsa (non-harm) so I didn’t feel great about squashing a living creature who was probably trying to become more mindful and flexible himself. So I batted the spider away and he started to crawl across the floor. For the next several floor postures I kept a way eye on this little guy, which strangely helped take my focus off the difficulty of locust and bow pose. I’m sure there’s some metaphorical or spiritual lesson there, but I haven’t yet uncovered it yet. Because, a spider was crawling on me.

I’m sad to report that I think the spider was inadvertently squashed/drowned by the man in the front row during one of the situps. Either that or he made a huge break for it and I lost track of him. Because the spider was smaller than my pinky nail. But still…spider…in yoga class…on my arm…