Yoga prepared me to DANCE!

Boof and I snuck away from parenting duties to attend a wedding on Saturday. My parents were in town and Potamus was happily ignoring us for the novelty of grammy & grampy time. I got dolled up and away we went. While it was an old acquaentence, in a girl who grew up next to Boof, the wedding was far from awkward. Because how could a wedding be awkward when the reception is a pizza buffet? And the bride put the ring on the groom’s wrong hand, and then dropped the ring down under the stage and the Man of Honor had to crawl around in his suit to find it?

There was so much laughter and love in the room that I could hardly stand it. And when the music got underway, so did the music videos, and boy lemme tell you, there is nothing better than dancing right alongside vintage Whitney Houston music videos. Or any music videos from the early 90’s. By 9:30 I was dancing so hard that my neck was dripping with sweat (an attractive look I tell you), and I had convinced my in-laws to stay for an extra 5 songs (because how could you leave during Love Shack? Or Britney Spears? Seriously people!). I guess I was dancing so hard that the father of the bride dubbed me his “favorite reception” guest ever. Which is a high compliment from a man in his 60’s, wearing boat shoes, with unbuttoned top buttons of his dress shirt and 70’s pornstart hair. Seriously. This wedding was the shit!

But I realized, at about 60 minutes into the dance fest that my heart was beating fast, and I was enjoying myself and had no desire to stop. And at 90 minutes, when we were leaving because of kiddo-at-home, but I could have kept dancing for another hour, I realized: I am in shape.

90 minutes of bikram/hot yoga two-three times a week has somehow made me in shape enough to dance for an hour and a half straight. To  Love Shack people, it’s not like I was slow dancing to “My Heart Will Go On.” I have never been this in shape for dancing. I have always gotten tired 2-3 songs in and taken a break. I have never done so many fist pumps or jumping moves in my life. And I walked away from the experience both sore and happy to be alive. Who knew that yoga would get me all pumped up for wedding receptions!

You think I could convince Boof to go clubbing now? 😉

when my hair still looked good and not like a sweaty aerobics instructor


  1. I remember having that same a-ha moment years ago in Italy, walking up the flights of stairs at the Duomo without getting tired. It feels awesome to realize all those hours at the gym actually are doing something! You exercise a freaking lot. 90 minutes is a long yoga class.

    • you are good for my self esteem lady!

      So, sadly I’m worried most of the stores I shop at are Northwest specific, so move this way (I promise no snakes will get you here…) and we can be style twins.

      So, most of the clothes I get are empire waisted type tops, and are from a combination of Maurices (small-ish clothing store usually found in smallish towns, but they’ve got an online section! woo!), Fred Meyer (um…a grocery store…but yeah…they have awesome tops on occassion) and that’s about it. Hubs has found me some dresses at Costco (a big box warehouse, wtf?) and maybe, on occassion, if I’m feeling rich I’ll go to Macy’s. But that’s super rare.

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