Leaving Dolly


We had many lovey-type objects around Potamus from the beginning, but it wasn’t until he met Dolly last week that he fell in love. And he’s been carrying her around ever since. He’s 20 months and just now discovered a lovey-attachment, and it’s really sweet to see.

But he’s not allowed to bring outside toys into the daycare.

So there were double-the-tears today as he had to watch me leave with Dolly. It was harder for me to leave him, too, knowing just how attached he’s gotten to this sweet little babydoll. I think my rip-the-bandaid off approach didn’t really work well, and so I think we’ll need to figure out another way to separate him from Dolly before he gets into his classroom. Maybe buckling her into the carseat, or even leaving her at home in bed, I don’t know. Because thinking of him dealing with a whole day at school without his lovey is kinda sad.

Thoughts? Any tips on how to help my sweet boy part from his sweet dolly while he’s at school?


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