Awkward Toddler Bedsharing


“Hey Monk-Monk, how’s weaning going?” a well meaning friend asked me recently.

“Um. Uh. Yeah. Um…it’s not,” I replied

Because, I’m too damn tired. And the kid has stopped biting, and has been going to sleep after nursing (though he’s not milk drunk anymore…EVER, but he’s stopped freaking out when I unlatch and tell him no more, and that it’s time to go to sleep. And when I say he’s stopped freaking out, I mean, he only cries for like…5 heart-wrenching minutes, as he snuggles down. To help with weaning  (at least in my mind), I’ve started having him sleep in our bed when he wakes up around midnight. And he’s not been wanting to nurse in the middle of the night, since he’s snuggled in to my armpit. For the most part, it’s been pretty sweet…

But can we talk about the AWKWARDNESS of sleeping with a toddler? Like waking up with a leg on your neck? Or having to pee in the middle of the night, which causes a FREAKOUT by Mr. Toddler-Crabby-Pants. Or, even more awkward, is when he climbed on my back (like a baby gorilla), and fell asleep. Which lasted 30 minutes, until he PEED ON MY BACK! Wha??!??!

I mean, we’ve managed to bumble through toddler peeing in our bed, but peeing on my back? Yeah, that’s what’s up in our house, folks. Awesomesauce!

because this looks like a comfy way to sleep...

because this looks like a comfy way to sleep…

So, how’s the sleep in your house?