Looking for the Happy

I couldn’t describe my own experience more perfectly! I love how the title “Emotionally Honest” is a strong description, instead of the more negative words that I’ve heard describe us (things like ‘too direct,’ or ‘blunt’ or aggressive)

Faking Picture Perfect

I was given a label today. While normally that wouldn’t be a good thing, I am owning it. I was told that I am “emotionally honest”. I let that sink in for a moment after I heard it.

I am.

I don’t hide my feelings often. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I complain a little too much. And, I don’t fake feelings to make other people more comfortable. But, the truth is, being emotionally honest can make others feel really uncomfortable, and it can lead to uncomfortable situations. It can lead to heartache when others don’t understand, and it can lead to confusion when others don’t act the way you expect them to because they are not like you.

It’s not to say that my way is better.  It’s just who I am.

In fact, being emotionally honest can be difficult. It can make you vulnerable, and…

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