17 Month Photobomb :)

photo courtesy of my sister-in-law

books are fun!

Potamus was 17 months on the 20th, and from the latest doctor’s visit we know that he’s almost 24 lbs. He has 4 teeth, is walking AND climbing AND dancing (and walking backward, which he thinks is hilarious). He’s tried 5 new foods in the past two days (apple slices, lemon poppyseed muffin, bacon, chocolate covered doughnuts and soy meatballs in his marinara sauce) While not all healthy, I’m just glad he’s trying some new things….


While I was out being a bridesmaid, he was hanging out with his “Uncle Tio” and auntie. These pictures were captured during their playtime. I love seeing how much he grows and changes daily! His favorite activity is shaking the maracas, and he’s been so vigorous that he’s broken a few already. Grandma got these new ones in hopes that they’ll be a little more indestructible than the dollar store variety!




I love that his proud, concentrated look was caught on camera! I see this face all the time!

I love that his proud, concentrated look was caught on camera! I see this face all the time!

Of course, like any other child of the 21st Century, this kiddo loves his cell phone. He babbles into anything remotely shaped like a phone, which is hilarious to me. Clearly he is mimicking us, but the sound of his pretend half of a conversation is so darn cute…makes me wonder if he wonders what we’re doing talking in half sentences into the phone?


  1. Potamus is TOO darn cute! I love the fact that he knows how to talk into the cell phone. It seems like kids these days learn to maneuver an iPhone quicker than they learn to potty train!

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