Scatterplot Thoughts


What’s with zombies these days? These kids really wanted to play zombie with Potamus…


“the Titanic went down because of distraction. Other ships had been warning about iceberg-filled waters for days, but the Titanics captain changed courses only slightly and did nothing to slow the ship’s speed. When the radio operator received a call froma ship that was surrounded by ice- this was aless than an hour before the collision-he responded, “shut up, shut up, I’m busy.” By the time lookouts spotted the iceber ahead, itw as too late to slow the Titanic’s momentum.

Although over used, the Titanic is a chillingly accurate metaphor for our time. Distracted people don’t notice they are in danger. Rumi said, “Sit down and be quiet. You are durnk and this is the edge of the roof.” Margaret Wheately

Whoa, right? Why do I picture myself checking facebook on my phone while crashing my life into an iceburg? What can I do to steer off course? Is it too late? Have I been heeding the warning or yelling “shut up, shut up, I’m busy?”


It’s not about getting my old body back. I’m a mother now, I don’t want to go back. It’s about strengthening the body that I have.

I had that thought one night and posted it as a facebook status, getting a few likeminded and some non-likeminded responses. It’s not that I am advocating eating Domino’s pizza everynight for dinner. It’s about finding strength and beauty in who I am right now, not trying for an elusive past, because going back would mean not having Potamus. I’ve been doing some body love in the form of yoga, even an early morning venture on Monday when I had 4 hours of sleep and was crabby and wanting to call in sick. The sun salutations didn’t solve my migraine 5 hours later in full administrative mode, but it did help me get to work and not suck at life for a few minutes despite being exhausted.


Potamus is 16 months old and securely walking. Last night’s jaunt around the neighborhood (a good 1/2 mile loop) was mostly walked independently, with some moments of crawling and some moments of daddy picking him up (screaming…the kid that is…) to gain some forward movement in the journey homeward. So my kiddo is walking, but still the toothless wonder. Though I’ve started to see his one top tooth barely breaking skin, which means it’s going to be any day now that he’ll have a full set of teeth…sorta sad…I love that gummy smile!


It’s not just in adoption land where I get frustrated at a lack of medical history. Potamus has a double ear-infection that I got an appointment for last Wednesday. They’ve had to bump up the antibiotics because he’s been using the amoxicillian like it’s candy…but the new medicine caused vomitting. Turns out I had the SAME reaction as a kiddo. Thanks Mom and Dad for not letting me know…and my mom even said, “but you didn’t ask us if you had a reaction to it.” Um…yeah…because I’m supposed to know to ask…why didn’t you volunteer the information when I was talking about his countless ear infections and the medicine they were putting him on? Why? Because they don’t think about things like that, since growing up they got used to us not sharing any medical history with them. They forget that my son is biologicaly connected to me and is going to show some major traits that either I, or Boof, have.


Weekly mom meetups with two of my friends is HAPPENING! We did wine + chocolate last week, and this week we’re heading on up to Fremont’s Red Door for some lunch. I love being able to hang out with friends that became moms because we’re all in the same sleep-deprived boat. And there’s no drama. Drama is exhausting.



could my baby look any more like a BOY? sheesh. he’ll be driving next week…

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