Yardwork with a toddler







Potamus took his first legitimate steps (by himself, no prompting, no holding on and shuffling and then flinging himself wildly at the couch) outside. It somehow seems SO fitting for this little nature-obsessed buddy to decide that outside was a much more preferred venue to try his little shuffle step. What I love is that he was practicing without us prompting him, which makes me wonder what’s going on inside that little noggin of his. Does he want to perfect his walking skills and THEN show us? Or is the thrill of being outside, carrying a big stick and exploring the jungle of our backyard so enticing that he just cannot stand to crawl anymore? Whatever it is, it’s very fun to watch from afar at his progress. It feels like just over the few day weekend he has turned into quite an adventurous boy, and so very not much like my little baby anymore.

Our yardwork project is really a beginning of a several year process (yay) to get it to look the way we want. We’ve spent the last year talking about cutting down the laurel and holly bushes and putting in some bark. So my father-in-law came over with the chainsaw and helped us out, which was exciting to see so much progress, but just like any other spring cleaning process, the yard looks worse now, because of all the branches and debris, and now the slow cleanup process will begin to see what we have to work with! I’m hoping to lay bark this spring and then decide what low maintenence bushes to add into the mix!

And here’s to hoping the weather continues to hold…Seattle is so fickle this time of year!

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