The smell of vomit, sweat and grape flavored water

Last night I got gussied up in my finest, did my hair and makeup, and headed up to a friend’s wedding. My brother, Uncle Silly, was in charge of Potamus and they were happily munching on pizza together when I left. I cranked some tunes and was looking forward to having this ‘date-night’ with Boof.

I had made it to Greenlake when my brother called saying, “he just barfed all over,” but at that time he didn’t have a fever and it only happened once and he was in good spirits. Very glad it was my brother that was in charge of Potamus, because, as a parent he stayed calm and rational and sent me a picture titled “happy, smiley, medium energy and snuggly.” He said he’d phone if that status changed.

Boof and I made it through the ceremony, and we were just about ready to go through the buffet line when we get THE CALL: he’s vomiting again and has no energy. He feels really warm.

Without hesitation, we’re on our way home in our separate cars that we came in. Boof asked if I wanted to stay and eat, but NO, I wanted to be with my sick baby who was  waiting for us.

I have never seen him so sad looking. Laying in Uncle Silly’s arms, wrapped in a towel because of all the vomiting, he looked  so tiny and helpless and not like himself. I picked him up and he felt very hot, and we snuggled and he fell asleep, briefly on my chest and we figured out a game-plan for the rest of the night.

When Potamus woke up, Boof got him ready, bounced him and put him down to bed so that I could get a few hours of sleep. I then slept with him until the morning, waking up several times to nurse him. And waking up once with him barfing all over my neck and down my shirt. While I cleaned it up, there is something about the smell of vomit mixed with baby sweat that just lingers in the nostrils for the rest of the night.

Thankfully, this morning he seems to be in good spirits, with pretty reasonable energy, so we’ll see. Maybe it was a reaction to something he ate yesterday.  I hope that he stays feeling better…and I hope he takes a 4 hour nap today 😉