From Co-Sleeping to Montessori Floor Bed


It’s like all in one day my baby has become a big boy. While we’ve been slowly weaning for awhile now (due to my working and Potamus REFUSING breastmilk from a bottle/sippy/regular cup. He’s been living off Greek yogurt and cereal and a little bit of water and nursing at night. But this week, despite his fever and and snotty nose, he has managed to begin drinking whole milk from a sippy cup (without the slow-flow prevention). While it’s still really assisted, he’s managed to drink several ounces and today even began to suck from the spout rather than chewing on it. While we’re not planning on fully weaning anytime soon, this sippy cup milk drinkin’ is gonna come in handy during daycare.

And, in other big boy news, Potamus is rejecting co-sleeping in our bed. We’ve been transitioning him to his big boy floor bed, ala the Montessori philosophy, but he hadn’t yet embraced SLEEPING in his bed. We’ve read stories and he’s played quietly in the bedroom while I’ve been resting on the bed, but two nights ago we slept for part of the night in bed with me next to him, and then last night he fell asleep in his bed and didn’t just sleep for the 2-3 hours he normally does, he slept for FOUR hours, AND THEN he woke for quick snack and slept for ALMOST FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT. Holy moly (though I wish that I could say that I got that much sleep in a row, since I was anxious without his breathing right next to me.)

My baby is growing up.


He then he also slept in his big boy bed for his nap today.

I honestly love co-sleeping. With Potamus at almost a year old, it got me thinking how he has been that close to me for the whole pregnancy and then almost an entire year post-pregnancy. No wonder it was hard for me to not hear his little breathing next to me! I’m trying to not second guess sleeping with him in our bed this long, since he clearly was ready right then to transition, and while I know we’ll have plenty more snuggle sessions and he’ll probably crawl into bed to co-sleep some nights or mornings, it just felt like a such a sign of his increasing independence.


  1. I’m super curious about your Montesorri bed experience, look forward to hearing more!

    I am the proud parent of a child who refused to co-sleep ever ever ever. Even now when it would be SUPER convenient (ie: in a hotel, visiting someone, when she isn’t feeling well, etc) she just can’t calm herself when we’re in a slap-able proximity. Therefore she has been a crib-sleeper, and now that she is out-growing that I wonder how I will transition to a bed (thinking floor bed simply for ease)….wish me luck!?

    • The floor bed is working well for us so far. I think the hardest transition is (and prob will be) is that it isn’t a contained space. So the bedroom is babyproofed, but even when he’s tired he still is sometimes making the choice to flop around the room after his beach ball 🙂 I’ve noticed in just a few days, though, that he seems to be recognizing his sleep cues, and has been seeking out his bed to lay down on…even if he sometimes flops like a salmon swimming upstream.

      Lemme know how your transition is!

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