Well, I have successfully completed my first quarter as a real-life college professor. Okay-fine, an adjunct professor. Okay-fine, a part-time instructor. Seriously, language is a HUGE thing (apparently) and I’ve been reading a gazillion emails today from irate professors/instructurs/adjunctfaculty/yourmom about WHAT TO BE CALLED IN EMAILS, because, apparently, people get their panties in a twist about the nuances of instructor/professor/adjunctfaculty. Whatevs. A student came up to me after his final presentation and the conversation went something like this:

Student: You’re new here, right? This is your first quarter teaching.
Me: Yes, I am new here. Though I’ve taught in a lot of different capacities over the years.
Student: Yeah, well you were good. You have a good teaching style. And I think people need to know when they did a good job. So, I’m telling you, you did a good job.
Me: Wow. Thank you. I appreciate that.

So there you go, I guess I didn’t do too poorly in teaching my first college course. And I am heading out the door for ONE MONTH of freedom. Whoo boy, I’ve got plans people! Plans!

Now if only Potamus would cooperate with said plans. Instead of whining. Yeah yeah, you have a fever of 102.5 kid, but I HAVE PLANS! And those plans include a) sleeping for 100 hours and b) doing FUN THINGS WITH YOU, so get ahold of your feverish self and let’s get crackin! No, it doesn’t work that way? Well poop.

I have noticed that co-sleeping with a feverish 11 month old is much like wearing a mink or fox neck wrap. But one that’s set on fire by 1,000 suns. And dipped in sweat. Pure awesomeness, until PETA is called, because that’s gotta violate all sorts of ethical issues.

At any rate, I am SUPER STOKED to have a month of freedom from work. I have a massage lined up, a coffee date with a friend, a joint birthday partay for me and little man, but most importantly: tons of quality time with Potamus. One thing I am excited to try is a place called Little Diggers Playtime, which is an indoor beach volleyball court that they open for kiddos to play in the sand since we live in freaking Seattle and it’s ALWAYS crummy weather during the winter.

Can’t believe this little boy is almost ONE. Geez. Where has the time gone?

Frog Head & his Mama

On the Move!

Makin' PEE soup. HA!

Soccer @ Church

Balloon Ball Fun


  1. i’m so jealous, i LOVE seattle despite it’s gloomy weather, we live in a horribly boring small town that also has gloomy weather but zero redeeming qualities. it is on the beach, which is nice in the summer i guess, but since we live here i totally take it for granted. i guess i don’t really take it for granted, i just don’t really care about the beach that much, i’ve never missed it when i’ve lived elsewhere.
    it’s SO cool that a student gave you such an amazing compliment. my mom was a professor and would often get not very nice student reviews, which totally pissed me off because my mom is a nice (ok, in reality, she’s not THAT nice, but i’m pretty sure she reserves her meanness for people she’s related to) and intelligent person. i think a lot of students resented her because she challenged them and didn’t allow people to slide by. i would often read papers that her students wrote and laugh out loud, some of the things people wrote were things i would have been embarrassed to turn in in high school.
    i honestly believe that sleeping with a child is like sleeping with an electric blanket turned up on high, i’ve never slept with a feverish child so i can’t even imagine how hot that would be! wow, that last sentence sounded pedophile-ish, you know what i meant though, completely g rated.
    aaaaanyway, i hope potamus feels better soon.

    • Awe, thanks! Yeah, I’m not a huge beach-goer myself, but the prospect of warm sand and a tropical drink and a cabana boy to bring me things sounds pretty darn good on a gloomy Seattle day! So instead I will settle for a heated indoor volleyball pit. You think I can sneak in a pina colada?

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