I am almost too excited to write.


Today I interviewed for my dream job…32 hours a week, 2 days teaching, 2 days counseling/advising, on a college campus with at-risk youth (high school dropouts). My interview was at 11am.

They called me at 3:00 to offer me the position.

Holy Shit. My life is going to go from crazy unstructured crisis counseling with fitting in nursing sessions in between suicidal kids to 4 days away from Potamus for 10 hours (8 hour days plus about a 2 hour commute). BUT the benefit is 3 day weekends, only working 10 months a year (getting winter break, spring break and summer break off) so that I actually get time to enjoy my little guy without worrying that I would get some crisis call.

Plus, did I mention it was my dream job?


On maternity leave I remember an anxious night where I went out and journalled what I wanted to do with my life. The list read:

20-30ish hours.
Structured but flexible.
Counseling/Teaching combination.
By October 2012.

Seriously, I start September 17th.

Hi Universe, I owe you a big thank you.


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