Wedding Festivities

When we weren’t dodging religous or political conversations, this weekend was full of many happy memories as we celebrated Boof’s sister’s marriage. She and her husband met in law school and have been together for over 5 years, so he already felt like a part of the family! They got married in the church she grew up in, and the reception was held at the Columbia Tower! Since the groom was from Georgia, she wanted to give his family and friends an experience of Seattle, complete with views of Mt. Rainier, the sound, AND the city! Nowhere does this better than the Columbia Tower! And my parents had a great time taking care of Potamus! All in all, an exhausting, but great weekend!
Riding The Ducks (tour of Seattle) pre-wedding festivities:

The grandparents (aka awesome babysitters):

Bridesmaids (and my other sister-in-law)

The happy couple:

A view of the city:

Sleeping Baby:

Late Night Ridiculousness: