assorted box of things stored in the attic of my mind

  • Potamus crawled yesterday (8/28). He is 8 months and 1 week old and had been whining and trying to scoot for over a month and then suddenly, trying to reach a metal measuring cup, he did it. Inch by inch, with a chicken’wing type gait, he did it. And then he did it again. And then he performed on cue for the camera. And today he won’t stop…crawling after cords, and the dog’s bone, and anything that catches his goldfish like attention span.
  • I haven’t gotten more than 2 hours of sleep in a row for at least a month..probably more. While Potamus has never been a good sleeper, the longest stretch ever being 5 hours (happened once), but he used to faithfully go 3 or 4 in the first part of the night and then slowly disintegrate to 2 or 45 minutes. Now he is sleeping for 2 at a time if I’m lucky. I might or might not be a basket case…or at least on the verge of basket case in the very near future.
  • I have 2 interviews in the next week. One for my ultimate dream job, the other for my next-to-ultimate dream job. Good vibes for me, please!
  • We’ve side-carred the crib and I keep thinking “hot damn, why didn’t we do this earlier?” While the arms-reach co-sleeper was great for storing things like my cell phone and stuffed animals, Potamus barely ever went down there without a fight…some nights he’d make it there until midnight, most it was until 10pm and then he’d end up in bed with us (something I am fine with, until baby feet end up in my ribs).
  • Boof is dating accounting firms. I hope it lands in a sweet job, but I do enjoy having him around the house again.
  • The drive over Snoqualmie Pass was beautiful, but sad because the leaves are already turning yellow. Is it fall already?
  • My parents are coming into town tomorrow to watch Potamus while we deal with wedding festivities this weekend for Boof’s little sister. I hope it goes smoothly, but 4 adults, 1 baby and 3 dogs under our tiny roof is bound to put some pressure on an already stressed system.

Road Trip: 3 adults, 2 babies, 1 dog

This weekend Boof and I realized that in NO way are we ready for another infant. We had a family reunion across the mountains in Eastern Washington and because my brother’s almost-ex-wife is not letting him drive her around (can’t wait for the custody to be figured out soon), so we packed her up in our car, along with Potamus, crazy Scrummy the dog (sporting his new “autism” wrap to help him stay calm) and headed out over the mountains with bro following on his banged up crotch rocket.

The trip went smoothly there, stopping once in Cle Elum to refuel the adults and the babies (and a pee break for Scrummy). The day was spent catching up with my grandma, playing Catch Phrase (a game I am wicked awesome at) and sneaking away for a coffee break with my good friend. The BEST part was introducing Potamus to The Columbia River. He wasn’t nearly as impressed as me, but did warm up to it after awhile, even dipping his toes in the water on his own and reaching down to touch the waves.

On the way home, however, I decided that despite my 6’1 frame, I am really an Olympic gymnast. It was getting late (for babies, which means it was aproximately 6:20pm) and my niece started whining…which set Potamus off whining…which ended up in this big circle of whining (I joined in), that wasn’t alleviated by my holding a bottle or pacifier into the back seat for Niece and trying to hold one of Potamus’s toys out for him to play. It wasn’t working. Because we were still on Blewett pass, with very little area to stop and refuel the babes, I slid into the backseat….in between the two car-seats. Yeah, brings back memories of “double-buckling” when we were kids. To sooth Potamus, I leaned as far forward as I could and flopped my enormous boob into his mouth. Yay, I got to celebrate World Breastfeeding week in an unsually contorted position! Meanwhile, my other hand was trying to hold the bottle of pumped milk out for Niece to drink from.

She might be the slowest eater ever.

Potamus might be growing through a needy/whiny/nurse-to-sleep-and-keep-nursing-for-20-minutes phase.

(needless to say, I got a massage this week to deal with the new kinks I discovered).

So there I am, boob in the mouth of one babe, arm stretched for bottle in the mouth of the other, and I realize that Scrummy is eating a poopy diaper in the front seat.


I said, “wow, we need a picture of this!”

In Boof’s unruffled way he replied, “I’m sorry, I’m not in a position to be taking a picture at this moment.”

So we survived our day trip, but I’m thinking I’m going to be less-inclined to get knocked up before Potamus is in…oh…say college. One crying baby in diapers is enough!