Nursing in Public


I am a big fan of nursing in public. While I usually do so without a cover, in situations like sporting events, where I know I will be in close proximity to others, I cover-up…not just for me, but because Potamus is a little extrovert who loves looking around at all the lovely people and things instead of focusing on eating. After 5 months of nursing in public, I have only had 2 weird experiences…and yesterday’s Mariners game was one of them.

The lad in front of me turned around and started off with, “I wondered what nursing mother I would meet next,” which I thought might be followed by a diatribe on nursing in public OR a conversation around the Time article OR a conversation about Seattle’s re-affirmation of the law that breastfeeding in public is a civil right. But no…instead, she told me this long-winded rambling story about meeting a friend in a breastfeeding support class years ago, and something about people her mom’s age not breastfeeding at all…and it sounded like she was trying to make some point, but never quite got to it.

I wondered if she was drunk, because the whole thing was awkward, and she decided to tell me this convoluted story right when I started nursing Potamus. I left the whole situation feeling very confused.


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