Working mom


Today was my first day back at work. Yes it is a Saturday, and I work again tomorrow. My supervisor had a difficult time finding someone to cover this shift, and since I planned to come back Tuesday, I thought a few days earlier would be fine. And for the most part, I was right. I was backup on-call today, with my partner taking the lead. Fortunately it was a light day as far as calls went, so I didn’t have to go on an outreach. I am exhausted nonetheless, though.

Boof had to work at the baseball game, so my parents came into town to babysit Potamus if the occasion arose. Thankfully it did not, but we will see how tomorrow goes. I filled my day with paperwork and online learning that has piled up since December. I filled the rest of my time with loads of laundry. Potamus was never out of my sight, and I nursed him on demand, but I tried to honor that I was working and let my parents play and sing and rock him to sleep.

Maybe that was the hardest part.

But mentally it was good to get a taste of what is to come on a more regular basis. Fortunately not all of my days are 12 hours on-call, became I am already in bed with potamus passed out next to me. I survived my first day, and feel weepy, even though I didn’t have to lose sight of his sweet chubby cheeks.

This whole working parent thing is overwhelming and exhausting, no?

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