Blooming flower


Because we have not been in our home for a year, this springtime has led to some exciting discoveries of the garden variety. Our ancient lilac tree is beginning to have leaves and buds, which excites me to no end. The scent of REAL lilac is magical to me, and was one of the deciding factors in getting this house. So while I have been waiting patiently for my magical plant to bloom, I have been sweetly surprised by plants blooming in our yard that I had NO idea were flowering plants at all.

We have this lovely tall bush in our backyard, which is the same as the hedge in our front. I assumed it was just a green leafy hedge, but last week these buds turned to blooms and now there are these gorgeous flowers hanging out in my yard. And I had to do nothing (which is the best part!) 

This flowering surprise  has gotten me thinking about all the times in my life that I overlook these ordinary experiences because I don’t see the potential for beauty like I saw in the lilac bush. If I had known that this hedge produced such gorgeous blooms, I could have been living in excited anticipation. I at least would have paid more mindful attention (like I will clearly do next year!).

For some reason, this seems to be applying to my change from stay-at-home mama to working mama. Perhaps, as I go back to work tomorrow, I will begin to notice blooms of beauty in a place I didn’t expect?


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