Versatile Blogger

Oh my, one of my lovely followers nominated me for the sweet Versatile Blogger award and I have managed to not follow through with her request to play along!

So, in a fun change from my normal writings, here are 7 things about me that you probably didn’t know. Enjoy 🙂

1. I am an almost-except-in-the-summertime defunct member of The Society For Barefoot Living. I went 4 months barefoot in high school and 1 year barefoot in college.

2. I dislike condiments & salad dressings of any kind. If I HAD to pick a condiment it would be barbecue sauce and if I HAD to pick a salad dressing it would be Italian. But mostly the thought makes me vomitous.

3. I have between 2 and 6 siblings depending on my mood (yay adoption!)

4. I was “kidnapped” while living in India. It was the middle of the night and the taxi I hired pulled over to the side of the road, his friend hopped in the taxi, and they took me to a remote market DESPITE the fact that I spoke enough Hindi to get by and was dressed appropriate for the culture. When they “stopped for a coke” I got out and ran. Thank God for the random rickshaw driver who came by and saved me.

5. I was not allowed to watch many movies or TV growing up. This has left a cultural void in my life.

6. I cannot seem to read the amount of books that I keep buying.

7. I love oatmeal. But it has to be thick enough to build an adobe building out of it.


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