13 weeks…or 3 months

ImageBaby age is weird. We focus on weeks for so much of the time, but then there’s this point where the baby’s birthday is going to not be on the right day if you don’t switch over to using months instead of weeks. The time to switch from weeks to months varies by person, though. Some change after 12 weeks and say their child is 3 months when they reach that milestone. Others do it at 16 weeks or 4 months. It gets a little ridiculous after 16 weeks, in my opinion, because nobody says that they are 675 weeks old, or even 20 weeks or 26 weeks starts to get weird for math people.

So Potamus is 3 months old. I think I’m making the switch now, though we’ll see how I feel. When I go back to work I think it’s going to FEEL better to say that he is 18 weeks old, rather than 4 months… makes me feel like I have gotten more time with him than I really will have had. Trying not to think that far ahead, trusting that the Universe will provide for me and that anxiety doesn’t need to rule my life. But yeah, it’s hard to think that in just a few weeks I will be leaving him with Boof and my mother-in-law, while I head back to the land of the working…



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