I am surprised …

I am surprised every day with all of the changes that Potamus is going through. At 12 weeks he is officially out of newborn clothes (I tried one on him the other day just for a laugh.). He is smiling a lot, making multiple jibber jabber noises (my favorite is ‘ah goo”) and showing much more motor control (he lifted his squeeky giraffe Sophie up to his mouth to chew on it!). All of these little moments and changes are like meditation for me.They take me out of the big concepts I think about (world peace, the presidential election) and back down into the little sweet moments that really matter in the long run. He’s making eye contact while breastfeeding and doing silly tricks with his legs (nursing in chairs with arms is out, since he practically rips my nipple off with his kicking off the side of the chair). I had no idea when I was pregnant that these were things I would care about or share with others. Part of it is being so damn proud that MY kid can do these things, and part of it is simply experiencing the wonder that is watching a life unfold before my eyes.

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