First Communion, First Bottle

We attended church for the first time since Potamus was born (and, to be honest, probably the first time since last Easter. At any rate, it happened to be communion Sunday, so I joked that it was his first communion because the body/blood would be transferred through my breastmilk.

In other first, tonight was Boof’s first time feeding Potamus a bottle. We’re starting this in prep for next Monday when he spends the night without me for a few hours while I run my women’s group. I have mixed feelings about seeing him bottle-fed.

The first is excitement that he took the bottle like a champ and this means I can do things and leave him for awhile and he will be fine. But I am sad, because up until now, feeding him (like carrying him in my womb) was something only I could do.

They say they grow up too fast, and in this moment I realize how right that is. He has more autonomy everyday, which comes with both a sweetness and a sadness to it.