A Regular Zoo around here…

We got the nicknames Boof and Monk-Monk while on a trip to California a few years ago. Boof’s cousin’s son had these adorable little blankets with animal heads on them, an elephant and a monkey (you can guess which one Monk-Monk was, ha!). We thought they were cute and so we playfully started calling each other Boof and Monk-Monk.

We were a family of two, an elephant and a monkey (plus our real life doggy), and then we had Baby Boof, which we have begun affectionately calling Potamus (short for hippopotamus). We make quite a little jungle family, an elephant, a monkey, a hippo and a real life dog. I’m even thinking I need one of those window decals that are so popular, but instead of stick people, we need cute little jungle animals…

So in a turn of events, Boof has had the opportunity to stay home with our little tribe for the past week.I realize now how hard it must be for a single mom to raise a family, as it is nice to have adult company around the house (even if it is wating him play video games) and to have the ability to hand the Potamus off to someone when I want to pee or shower or put mascara on. I’ve noticed that my mood has increased dramatically with the additional help around the house during the day (and the sunshine that we are having currently), but then I have moments of sheer boredom and restlessness where the house feels like it is not quite big enough for a monkey, elephant hippo and real-life dog to co-exist peacefully. Perhaps it’s cabin fever, so I’ve gotten outside on a walk the past few days, but sometimes I feel like I’m living in a zoo!

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